Y-DNA haplogroups of US Presidents and Canadian PMs


Souriquois: you can see the Canadian and Mexican borders Jul 8, 2020 0:00:33 GMT -4
Souriquois: like, you can see the borders, USA is all red Jul 8, 2020 0:00:09 GMT -4
Souriquois: freshdaily.tryprism.com/static/uploads/2020/07/06/1594072341-canada_vs_the_us.png?w=1400&cmd=resize&height=2500&quality=70 Jul 7, 2020 23:59:47 GMT -4
Souriquois: did you see the North American coronavirus map? Jul 7, 2020 23:57:46 GMT -4
Souriquois: lol yeah Jul 7, 2020 23:57:22 GMT -4
soul49: Only took a pandemic for them to respond lol Jul 7, 2020 13:04:49 GMT -4
Souriquois: He got his wall and Mexico paid for it Jul 5, 2020 1:09:42 GMT -4 *
Souriquois: I concede: I was wrong about Trump this whole time Jul 5, 2020 1:09:23 GMT -4
Souriquois: So i heard Mexico put barricades up at their northern border Jul 5, 2020 1:08:58 GMT -4
soul49: Interesting, well Swine flu didn't really get too deep into the US, so here's hoping it doesn't develop into a bad pandemic. Jul 3, 2020 22:21:26 GMT -4
soul49: I'd kinda laugh if he ends up setting it on fire, the Lakota ghosts coming back to haunt him lol. Jul 3, 2020 22:20:05 GMT -4
soul49: Now the idiot is doing a fireworks show at Mount Rushmore with a crowd in attendance. Jul 3, 2020 22:19:31 GMT -4
Souriquois: but swine flu also is more dangerous to younger ppl than older ppl too, because the immune systems of younger ppl are more likely to overreact to it Jul 3, 2020 19:52:24 GMT -4
Souriquois: not like hospital sick, it was just a really kick your ass flu Jul 3, 2020 19:48:45 GMT -4
Souriquois: me not being alive back then, I had no antibodies for it, so I caught it and was really sick, older people to so much Jul 3, 2020 19:46:09 GMT -4 *
Souriquois: cos that's the theory as to why not so many people in Canada died of swine flu in 2009, there was a Canada-confined outbreak in like the 1960s, so most seniors would have had it then, so they'd have immunity Jul 3, 2020 19:44:51 GMT -4 *
Souriquois: Yeah I'm hoping having had swine flu in 2009 will give me some immunity to this new one... cos when I had it in 2009 it was brutal Jul 3, 2020 19:43:40 GMT -4
soul49: Apparently a novel version of the Swine Flu has been found in China. Still not transmittable from human to human though. Jul 3, 2020 15:04:50 GMT -4
soul49: Barbers might open back up in a few weeks, don't know for sure though Jul 3, 2020 15:02:10 GMT -4
soul49: Haven't cut my hair in 4 months Jul 3, 2020 15:01:52 GMT -4