Y-DNA haplogroups of US Presidents and Canadian PMs


Souriquois: yeah pretty scary Sept 13, 2021 13:34:28 GMT -4
soul49: So apparently Texas is trying to give Taliban a run for their money. Sept 3, 2021 12:51:32 GMT -4
Souriquois: Yeah and posting someone’s dox Aug 26, 2021 13:46:23 GMT -4
soul49: Lol I was wondering why there were so many "classify me" posts Aug 26, 2021 11:35:50 GMT -4
Admin: Sorry had to disable registration. Forum is now invite only. idiots from AS are spamming this place again Aug 22, 2021 19:11:59 GMT -4
soul49: Agreed, an Afghan translator was being anonymously interviewed and it was so heartbreaking what his family was going through. Aug 20, 2021 3:45:13 GMT -4
Souriquois: man, those videos from Afghanistan are so incredibly sad Aug 17, 2021 21:02:51 GMT -4
soul49: Classes start next week, but I have a feeling this semester will still be on Zoom. Aug 8, 2021 17:43:38 GMT -4
soul49: So I've sold my business and returning to university for a degree that I put on hold when first took over my business. Aug 8, 2021 17:43:14 GMT -4
soul49: LOL that sucks you missed on the money, my local county is only giving out burgers for vaccine shots. Aug 8, 2021 17:41:40 GMT -4 *
soul49: Really? It must be really bad there if it competes with American unvaxed Aug 8, 2021 17:41:03 GMT -4
Souriquois: though I kind of wish that I had waited to get vaccinated, the government is now going to give you $1000 for the first shot, and $2000 for the second Jul 28, 2021 20:02:49 GMT -4
Souriquois: I sympathize, I don't want another lockdown, just open up and let anti-vaxxers die, fuck 'em Jul 28, 2021 19:58:56 GMT -4
Souriquois: Observers are thinking the tension between vaccinated and unvaccinated will become worse in Canada than it is in the USA Jul 28, 2021 19:54:44 GMT -4
Souriquois: I think unvaccinated Canadians should pay their hospital bill out of pocket if they refuse to get vaccinated and they catch COVID Jul 28, 2021 19:53:45 GMT -4
Souriquois: 54% of my paycheque Jul 28, 2021 19:53:30 GMT -4
Souriquois: But up here, it's my tax dollars going to pay for their selfishness Jul 28, 2021 19:53:06 GMT -4
Souriquois: so yeah today was the first day in my life I looked at the health care system in the US and was like "lucky Americans". I heard insurance companies down there are planning to raise premiums on the unvaccinated Jul 28, 2021 19:52:36 GMT -4
catman: 3 months post op...nearly feel back to normal now.....will be going back to work sometime in august :) Jul 23, 2021 15:59:02 GMT -4
Souriquois: LOL so Trump is on the warpath against Tom Brady now Jul 23, 2021 10:36:13 GMT -4